Football Challenge 10/11 Reino Unido

Awesome game that puts users in the middle of full matches

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Steam's most recent release, Football Manager 2013 has been said to be the best of the Football Manager chain of games.

The 2013 version of this beloved game focuses on creating a game that does a good job of mimicking reality. To achieve this, the game uses real players and real teams. Hundreds of thousands of football players on dozens of teams scattered throughout the world can be found and used in the game. A cool new advancement of this version of the game is the inclusion of new characters including full head coaching staffs for teams and the Directors of Football. Interactions with these new characters increase the difficulty of the game because they are an extra factor that reflect the success of the team.

Not only has the 2013 version of Football Manager updated its teams and players to reflect what is taking place in the various leagues throughout the world today, it has focused on bettering the quality of the game. One big improvement is the addition of an updated graphics engine. This addition has improved the complex and quick movements of players on the field. It makes the movement look more natural. Another noticeable change due to this enhancement is the quality of the graphics during various weather conditions. These enhancements result in a more refined game experience.

Other options include the ability to choose between two separate game modes. The Classic mode produces a simpler game to take one's mind off of things. There are less determining factors involved in play. This makes the game easier and less stressful. Challenge mode is a much more competitive style. It involves players keeping track of many more factors. Thus, it is more time-consuming and played by more serious gamers.

A brand new feature initiated by Steam is the Steam Network Play which allows players to engage others and create competitions of their own.

The addition of players in the newest version is great, but along with new players, you have more options for managing these players and payment options have been expanded. This version also requires that gamers compile a coaching staff to lead their players to victory. They are also in charge of interacting with other teams within the league and keeping things smooth for the club, the league, and even the public. Though there is a lot to manage, the game is rewarding when you finally get together the best team you could dream of.

All in all, Football Manager 2013 is a great game that has been enhanced by some well thought out changes. It's sure to be a favorite among gamers and we are sure that it is destined to be a game that will not be soon forgotten.


  • realistic game structure
  • good, detailed graphics
  • new players based on real people
  • Steam network play


  • Challenge mode is difficult and time consuming

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